About A. E. Lowan

We are actually two writers who have been writing together for over 20 years. When this happens one passes the ‘collaboration’ stage and enters the territory of ‘shared brain.’ We write with the questionable assistance of our office minions – 3 cats and 2 Japanese Chins. But, hey, when they’re willing to work for peanut butter, who’s complaining?

Currently we are writing the dark urban fantasy romance series The Books of Binding, of which our work in progress, Faerie Rising, is the first, but we also have other projects in development including an epic fantasy series and a science fiction series. We have been known to dabble in paranormal romance.

To learn more about the world of The Books of Binding, visit our official website – http://www.aelowan.com

Follow us on Tumblr – http://aelowan.tumblr.com/

Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/aelowan

Or via Twitter @AELowan

Or have fun with us on Pinterest

Thanks for your interest, and we hope you enjoy our adventures!

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