Seahaven, WA

Though, barring editorial intervention the series itself will be titled The Books of Binding, the city that plays the most pivotal role in the series events is the fictional city of Seahaven, WA.  Why a fictional city when so many perfectly good ones are already laying around, you may ask?  Well, for starters, while we have a world of respect for alternate historians and in fact dabble a bit in their playgrounds with a few of our vampires (really, Machiavelli should have known to stay dead) we prefer to start with a clean slate.

There is no clear geographic location for Seahaven.  It is roughly an hour and a half’s drive down the coast from Seattle, but since we don’t wish to displace any current residents by plopping a mid-size city full of preternaturals in their communities, we’re leaving the exact location vague.  So, let’s play pretend.  We’re writers.  Playing pretend is something we happen to be good at.

Seahaven has the largest per-capita preternatural population of any city on the planet, including New York and Los Angeles.  Our preternaturals live in the shadows of the human world.  Cross the wrong street at the wrong time of night, turn the wrong corner, and the undergrad you sat beside on the bus for just a little too long is suddenly in front of you, his eyes reflecting the streetlights the way no human’s should.  He may let you pass.

He may not.

The girl on the corner in the too short skirt leaning into the passenger side window to chat up a potential john was never human.

Seahaven wears many faces, and those mortals who chose to call it home know instinctively to bring keep their children close and bring them in before the streetlights flare.  Because alone, a human stands no chance against the preternaturals in their midst.

So, the question becomes, why hide?  If humans are so weak and frail, such tasty treats, why hide ourselves at all?

The answer lies in sheer numbers.  A lone human in an alley is a meal, a toy… even potentially a convert.  But Seahaven is a city of nearly half a million, not including the suburbs.  And humans in large groups are deadly dangerous, with their armies and their laboratories and their weapons of mass destruction.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki frightened even the supremely arrogant dragons.

And so the preternaturals agree on one on thing, and one thing only – they hide themselves from the humans, choosing only select humans from among the throng to join their numbers, and wield their not inconsiderable political and financial power from behind the curtain of secrecy.

Who knows?  Perhaps glowing eyes watch you even now, measuring your strength, your eternal worth?  Would you join them?


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